Service Content

The service provided by our company is so wide, which runs through the whole process of pre-sale, sale, after sale service, from our users’ desire to buy our products, and then purchase until use the products.

Mainly as below:

Introduce structure characteristics of our products, performance, and the difference comparing with other similar domestic products, and to provide consultation on the optimum selection for our users.

Provide consultation for our users on the production layout.

Install and debug equipment.

Assist in the training of operators and maintenance personnel.

Handle all the quality issues during the warranty period.

Provide technical support and technical consultation for our user’s special products during the warranty period.

Visit customers and solves user’s problems regularly.

Meet customer’s requirements on accessory parts.

Organize user’s experience exchange meeting irregularly.

Organize user’s forum irregularly to learn about user’s advice and feedback by our leaders and person in charge within different department.

Service Tel:0574-62663858


Equipment maintenance:

Provide the instruction to the users and guide users for operation if buy our equipment.

Provide maintenance services if buy our equipment.

Equipment maintenance and repairing:

Type of maintenance

The company to provide users with two types of repair services: warranty services and maintenance to be charged

Our company will provide warranty service for the sold products within warranty period and confirmed as non-human or accident damage.

The company will provide maintenance to be charged for the sold products beyond the warranty period, or identified as human or accident damage.

Regarding the products not sold by our company, we will charge for maintenance with the agreement for repairing.

The scope of maintenance and repairing is limited to only the recovery of basic functions. It's not within our maintenance scope for the related transformation, test, experiment which is beyond the equipment function.

Conditions for maintenance:

The user shall send (or by currier) the equipment that needs repair to our company in principle. For any accidental damage caused during the transportation, our company does not take any responsibility.

Under special circumstances, upon customer's request and by mutual consensus, we can provide on-site repair service, subject to additional on-site service fees and travel expenses.

Repair cost

For the warranty service, it's subject to additional on-site service fees and travel expenses if on-site repair service is requested.

For the repair charges, the repair cost will be charged based on maintenance, parts and transportation. Additional on-site service fees and travel expenses will be charged if on-site repair service if requested.

Repair service process

Our repair personnel will respond promptly upon the failure reported by users. We will communicate with customers by means of telephone, fax and email to learn more about the failure, provide instruction on troubleshooting as the basis for the further judgment.

After providing customer with the maintenance instruction, if the fault is still not eliminated, maintenance personnel shall assist users to fill in and submit (by fax or email) the Repair Request, which should be recorded with the user name, address, zip code, contact person, phone number, product model, serial number, date of purchase, sales contract number, failure data, etc.

We will check if the product is within the scope of warranty and if we have signed after sales service agreement and relative terms & conditions with customer according to the above information. We will make handling suggestions with analysis on the failure and fill in the receipt of the Repair Request. The handling suggestions should include: handling number, failure analysis, whether within the scope of warranty, parts expected to be replaced ad its price, repair way (on site or by currier) and estimated repair cost.

We will send the Repair Request filled up with handling suggestions to customer by fax or email and it shall be sent back with customer's authorized signature to our company together with the equipment. For the on-site repair, we will provide the service after the above handling suggestions are agreed by customer.

Upon the receipt of the equipment, repair personnel will conduct detailed inspection to the equipment, complete the maintenance contract according to the actual failure cause, solution and relative cost and then fax to the customer after signed and stamped. We will conduct repair service after we receive the maintenance contract signed back with valid stamp and the payment receipt for the repair cost via fax. For the on-site repair, the signing of the contract (in two copies) and the payment confirmation will be conducted on the maintenance site.

After the equipment is repaired, repair personnel shall immediately notify the customer, and deliver the equipment to the customer according to conditions set forth in the contract

Other matter

If we have signed a maintenance agreement with customer, we shall implement according to the relative terms & conditions in this agreement.

Technical support and service telephone : 0574-62663858