MB551FL Inspection and rolling machine

Inspection & Rolling Machine

MB551 FL inspection and rolling machine is mainly used for cotton textile factory, weaving factory, garment factories, shops and inspection unit of the inspection of all kinds of fabrics and full width-rolling

  • Frequency variation stepless speed adjustment for controlling the inspection and rolling speed

  • Photoelectric control on edge

  • Correctable electronic length-counter meter (has the function of counting in meter yard, general total and automatic stop at a certain length, also displays linear speed and shift)

  • Adopt brand frequency converter, Feed and fabric tension winding double frequency conversion control inspection fabric, can be arbitrary regulation test fabric tightness, coiling and uncoiling fabric keep certain tension, avoid fabric surface relaxation, impact test

  • With uncoiling rack with back cloth

Max diameter of fabric rolls:500mm
Working width1800 mm(Optional)
Speed or rolling5-90m/min
Edge-aligning error for rolling≤6mm
Max error for fabric length-counting0.5%

Note:worlding width can be up to 4,000mm