MB551FB Inspection and rolling machine

Inspection & Rolling Machine

MB551 FB INSPECTION AND ROLLING MACHINE is mainly used in cotton mill,dyeing plant,wool mill, garment factory,man-made fur factory,artificial leather factory and by commodity-inspection units the inspection of the diverse fabrics and their full-width rolling.lt allows to feed the fabrices in roll or folded way Especially it is good for the inspecting and rolling of export fabrics.

  • Frequency variation,stepless speed adjustment for controlling the inspection&rolling speed ;

  • Photoelectric device for automatic edge-alignment;

  • The advanced electronic counter mater in china for the counting of the fabric length(amends,determines and totalizes the fabric length in metre,yard as well as dispalys the rolling speed )

  • Pioneered the use of special equipment for roller differential adjusted volume fabric tightness inspection;

  • This machine uses the operation platform, examining table closer to the

  • operation sight, more fabric and defect classification;

Note: the optional air Guide
Optional fault stop photoelectric devices;
Optional automatic or manual cutter;
Optional length and defects of the data acquisition system, barcode printing, computer interface, computer local area network connection, and optional finished workshop, warehouse management software, in order to achieve the finished product receipt, approval, search and database management;

Max diameter of fabric rolls:500-1200mm500-1200mm
Working width1800mm2400mm
Speed or rolling5-55m/min5-55m/min
Edge-aligning error for rolling≤6mm≤6mm
Max error for fabric length-counting0.5%0.5%

Note:worlding width can be up to 4,000mm