Fully automatic PE-Pilmparcking machine

Packing Machine

This machine is applicable to the finishing workshops of the cotton mill, dyeing plant, knitting plant in the vacuum packing of the diverse fabrics.

  • Imported optical fibre testing system for diameter detection of fabric roll;

  • Driven by an imported braking motor for the accurate positioning of the fabric roll;

  • Unique air-oil shifting system for a free lifting of the closure cutter base

  • Advanced coordination between PLC and person-machine interface to effect the unmanned operation, continuous movements and intelligence operation

  • Free height-counting adjustment system, allowing to adjust the tension of the fabric roll with facility

  • Large power exhausting system to effect a real vacuum.

  • Way of closing: a3-side closing(the closing cutter temperature controller is at constant temperature).

  • Film rolling: Upper-and-lower PE film feeding(Main sealing doesn't generate waste material).

Packing length:1000-1800mm1400-2400mm
Packing diameter100-400mm100-600mm
Packing speed5-7rolls/min4-6rolls/min
Airamount5-7kg 0.9m3/min