MB541AB-180 Double folding on plate machine

Automatic Folding On Plate & Roller Machine & Slitting Machine

This machine is applicable in the finishing workshops of the cotton mill dyeing plant to give  doubling-plating or doubling-rolling to the diverse large width fabrics

  • Frequency variation,stepless speed adjustment for controlling the inspection&rolling speed ,

  • Photoelectric device for automatic edge-alignment;

  • The advanced electronic counter mater in china for the counting of the fabric length(amends,determines and totalizes the fabric length in

  • metre,yard as well as dispalys the rolling speed )

  • Two sets of hydraullc controllers for edge allgnment and photoelectric device to automatically follow up the fabric edge at the width— change

Working width1200-1800mm
Max Diameter of fabric rools500mm
Max diameter of roller-rolling600mm
Average speed of rolling50m/min
Edge-aligning tolerance for winding≤8mm

Note:worlding width can be up to 4,000mm