M204HX Large fabric roll inspection and rolling machine

Inspection & Rolling Machine

M204HX large fabric roll inspection and rolling machine is mainly used for textile, dyeing factories, and other units, will be waiting with large take-up fabric in the form of constant tension test fabric friction play big volume

  • Frequency steeples speed regulation

  • Configuring a professional repair table cloth floating roller turned negative regulator repair

  • Photoelectric device for automatic edge-alignment

  • No cloth stopping device

  • Electronic length meter (amends, determines and totalizes the fabric length in metre, yard as well as displays the rolling speed)

  • Optional computer interface

  • Optional defect counter and computer control systems, which can be accumulated on the various types of defect count timely and accurate location and print out the defect level, a true reflection of the actual quality of cloth

Max diameter of fabric rolls:1500mm
Maximum diameter of back cloth:1500mm
Working width1800-2400(Optional)
Speed of rolling5-50m/min(stepless)
Edge-aligning error for rolling≤6mm
Max error for fabric length-counting±0.5%

Note:worlding width can be up to 4,000mm